Embroidery is the process of turning a graphic or text into a needle-and-thread work of art, for application to a garment or other fabric item. Using state-of-the-art software and multi-head industrial sewing machines, embroidered designs can be simple, one-color designs or multicolored works of intricate detail. Of all the methods of fabric embellishment, embroidery is considered to add the most sophistication and a higher perceived value to a garment.  We truly consider embroidery a work of art.

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aeW Corporate Solutions offers the complete embroidery experience.  We begin with the highest quality design/digitizing set up, followed by the highest quality sewing, on the widest range of top quality wearables.


When designing a logo, clean lines sew best.  Often, the more simple the design, the better the look.  We also have an experienced and talented team who can work with most any style logo.

Digitizing is the process that transfers your image file into a readable embroidery file, and requires a one time set up fee.  The cost depends on the intricacy and size of the logo. Once the design is set up and approved by the customer, the logo is always on file for future use.  We do not charge for minor changes to the design.

With embroidery, there are certain limitations:

Text---we can go small.  Our rule of thumb is to not go smaller than .20 inch, as our main concern is a clean look.  However, depending on the item, we can sometimes work with smaller text.

Shading---we  can work with shading.  Depending on how the logo translates, shading will involve other colors. Often a solid color works best, but we will work together to create the design of your choice.  


aeW Corporate Solutions can embroider on all your wearable needs. We deliver top shelf quality because we use the best supplies, threads and the Rolls Royce of embroidery machines.  We have helped both local and national companies promote their brand.  Let our experienced and talented team be your team!


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